Why my stupid brother prefers blackjack to pokies online

Intimidation and strategy have been key aspects as to why my stupid brother plays blackjack, but for new players who want to play for real AUD money these game characteristics are a turn off. That’s why we recommend playing the slots online.

Many will argue table games are more fun due to the level of tactics required, but we believe even the most experienced gambler may be turned off by the dark side of table titles and in this case the pokies are a great alternative. We take a look at al the reasons why we love playing the slots.

Slots are great for the new player

Players new to the real money gambling world can find games which require tactics somewhat unappealing. This is because these types of games attract professional players who have been around for a while and are quite intimidating (a lot like my brother) which makes it ultimately very difficult for new players to break into. Online gameplay is different as theres no eye contact to other players, but the requisite of implementing a strategy when playing can also be a turn off. Slots are easy, fun, and overall quite simple which makes them ideal to play the first time you enter the realm of gambling.

Going online is easier with slots than blackjack

Regardless if you are a new player or not, if you play slots regularly it is easier to make the transition online. Why? Because land-based pokies rely on random number generators (RNGs) to determine the results, while table games such as 21 rely on the human element. Online however all games, live dealer table games excluded, rely on RNGs for the result. Therefore the standard blackjack titles available online all use RNGs.

For players who want to make this transition and regularly play with the human element, they may find it harder to trust the outcome, although fair and regularly tested at our recommended online casinos. Slots players however will find the transition quite easy as they are used to RNGs determining the results.

We recommend going to a trustworthy online casino, as playing on the Internet means dodgy sites can exist. Our suggested online casinos are all regularly reviewed and licensed by an advanced gaming jurisdiction – meaning you can play the slots with peace of mind here.

Pokies offer more variety

There is no doubt when you walk through the floor of a brick and mortar casino the first thing you notice is the abundance of pokies machines all looking like clones of one another. It can seem like they are all the same, but on closer inspection each slots machine is different offering different betting limits, higher payouts, possible jackpots, and sometimes even the chance to win a car.

Going online is similar yet easier to notice the difference with the titles listed requiring quite a bit of scrolling, and the icons detailing the difference between the varieties. From fruit machines to 3D slots, and even the chance of more ways to win with their 243 ways to win variants. There is also the opportunity to play video slots which reference some of our favourite movies and television shows which adds to the entertainment value of playing with real AUD money.

Progressive jackpot slots

A major advantage to playing slots over 21 titles online is the ability to access progressive jackpot slots, which table games do not offer. Every time someone plays blackjack online there is no prize pool that is slowly building for any player to win randomly. When players choose to spin the progressive jackpot slots an amount is added which slowly builds up to major figures and anyone around the globe who is playing can win the massive jackpot. Some offer more than one jackpot with some titles seeing a major jackpot and minor jackpots, while other titles have made players millionaires in the past, such as the infamous progressive Mega Moolah. These slots are incredibly fun and give players a better chance of winning big.

Pokies are very mobile compatible

Playing on the web is convenient but playing on our mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is even more so as many users are extremely accustomed to their portable device. Take a look at any of our suggested online casinos via your mobile browser as they are all compatible with our smartphones and tablets. You will notice that there are more slots available than blackjack titles meaning there are more games available to play and more variety on our portable devices.

Additionally, software providers, such as Microgaming, are constantly bringing out new pokies for their mobile platform and if you are a regular mobile-user you won’t ever get bored with the selection of slots available as you may with the selection of table games available, such as blackjack.

Slots are more social than 21

Since land-based and Web titles of blackjack require concentration and strategy, it can be hard to socialise. Even if you are at a land-based casino or have friends around at home and you play on your desktop together it can be quite distracting as it requires a lot of concentration. Slots on the other hand are extremely social at both brick and mortar casinos and online because they don’t require much focus.

At land-based establishments players can sit together in a group since the amount of machines lining the floor means you will be sure to find enough in a row to allow you to sit next to each other. You can even have a spin while sitting in a group chatting, without the requisite of concentrating and missing out on the conversation.

Online can seem quite unsocial, but you can play even when friends come around without the need to focus, as well as a chat function which many of our suggested online casinos offer so you can talk to others while you spin without the risk of being distracted from game play.

Slots have better themes

When playing blackjack both online and offline, the biggest visual difference we can expect is the colour of the tables varying. Themes create a fun ambience and if you aren’t one for the intense, silent atmosphere of blackjack at land-based casinos, or the mimicked casino music which sounds very much like elevator music when playing 21 online, then slots with their themes and fun audio take the cake in this category.

With themes from our favourite hilarious television shows such as South Park, to those completely invented by the software developer such as the Electric Sam slots, the entertainment value is definitely there. There are even two variants of the Game of Thrones themed slots so you can get your fix since there is only 10 episodes a year. If you are after fun over focus, slots are the way to go.

There is need to memorise a basic strategy chart

Blackjack requires a strategy in order for players to play smartly and thus there has been a few charts created according to blackjack rules for players to learn and use. Some players can memorise the wrong chart such as one for when the dealer is hitting on a soft 17 but the game they are playing sees the dealer standing on a soft 17 thus resulting in the player making silly mistakes. Slots on the other hand do not require any charts to be memorised in order to play smartly so there is no chance of accidentally memorising the wrong one and ultimately making silly moves.

We love playing blackjack online, but the slots are fun, easy, entertaining, and offer a great range of variety. Pokies both online and at land-based casinos are great for new and even experienced gamblers and was confirmed when my stupid brother memorised the wrong blackjack strategy chart.