Best pokies with a horror theme

Horror movies and television shows are growing in popularity among the mainstream these days, so it makes sense that online slots with a horror theme are becoming more prevalent in the marketplace. So what is the cream of the crop when it comes to online pokies that aim to scare? Here we have picked the top four online pokies with a horror theme.


In a world where zombie-themed show, The Walking Dead, is one of the most popular television shows on the tube, it is easy to see why Net Entertainment wandered down the road of a zombie themed game. And thank God they did too, because Zombies is one of the most addictive and rewarding horror themed games currently on the market today.

This instant classic is a gruesome five reel, 20 pay line pokie with blood thirsty symbols and three enthralling bonuses or features.

First thing’s first though. Zombies has a minimum bet of $0.20 and a max bet of $400 which places it perfectly for everyone, whether your wallet is fat or not.

Reel three can produce a stacked wild zombie symbol which even if it only covers one symbol, will be nudged to cover the entire reel which is a fun little bonus.

There is also a randomly triggered bonus. During this bonus two zombie heads covers the playing screen and gun shots randomly blow holes in the unlucky zombies’ heads. Every gunshot wound leaves a wild symbol on the playing surface that was the previous spin. Any new payouts resulting from the bonus wilds is yours to keep.

Then if three toxic vial symbols appear on reels two, three and four you have triggered the feature game of five free spins. Sure, five free spins doesn’t sound like much at all but in between each spin you are taken to a shopping mall being over-run by zombies. Each zombie randomly shot awards a coin bonus which is added to any wins you make from the spins. During each spin the multiplier increases ending with a x10 on your fifth spin.

An all round winner with blood-soaked graphics, chock full of features and zombies with more holes than a box of Froot Loops.


This classic horror/sci-fi movie has been turned into an online slot by NetEntertainment to great success. Aliens is a five reel, 15 payline pokie with a minimum bet of $0.15 and a max bet of $300. Aliens, through dark but lively graphics and some ominous background music, has managed to recreate the suspenseful, eerie feel the films are famous for.

Aliens is set up like no other online slot on the market. It is its uniqueness that sets it apart. The initial play screen is a precursor for the first feature, in that every symbol win (not including wild symbols) is added to a bar above the play screen. Each symbol is added to the bar as a multiplier for subsequent spins. During play each spin subtracts a symbol/multiplier from the bar. When all nine places of the bar are filled then the first phase of the feature is triggered.

Once you have triggered the feature you are taken to a first person shooter style screen. You must survive 10 free spins to move onto the next level of the feature: the hive. After each spin you are shown a sliding bar. This sliding bar is to determine whether you get more ammo to continue through the feature, sending aliens back to the hell they came from. If you run out of ammo, your marine is killed and the feature is over.

After you have blasted your way through the Aliens first feature level you will find yourself in the Hive. In this level you face the Queen Alien and endeavor to blow her and her breed to kingdom come. Each spin determines the level of damage each blast you fire into the Hive causes. If you manage to completely destroy the Hive you win a bonus amount too.

It is the first person shooter style and unique feature trigger that makes Aliens an addictive game. The general feel drummed up by the sound effects, back ground music and graphics also adds to the general horror and tension of the game.

Wild Blood

After the success of the Twilight movie series all and sundry were falling over themselves to exploit the suddenly booming popularity of vampires. Vampire TeeVee shows began to flood our screens. Naturally this trend began to spill over into the online pokie market.

This Play ‘n’ Go brainchild is a five reel, 15 payline pokie which seems to have very, very loosely gained inspiration from the True Blood TeeVee series. It boasts a minimum bet of $0.15 and a max bet of $18.75.

Wild Blood has a groovy feel to it with bloody graphics backed by grungy, Southern guitar riffs.

The three bonuses or features this game boasts are great and can really pay off on the right day. First there is the expanding wild feature. If the trench-coat wearing vampire Wild symbol appears on reel three and can contribute to a win it will expand to cover the entire reel.

Secondly if the same wild symbol appears on reel three and a silver medallion appears on reel two with a gold medallion appearing on reel four, then you have triggered five free re-spins with the third reel wild.

Three scattered vials of blood on reels one, three and four triggers another bonus game. You are then taken to a screen with six vials. Choose a vial at a time to reveal a coin award, free games or multiplier. You can keep picking vials until you choose one that explodes. During your free games any two or more Wild Blood symbols can increase your multiplier.

Alaxe in Zombieland

This is a fantastic amalgamation of two concepts that you wouldn’t ordinarily think would fit together: Alice in Wonderland and Dawn of the Dead. But those evil genius’s down at Microgaming have gone above and beyond and created one of the most addictive, oddly original and genuinely fun online slots on the market.

Alaxe in Zombieland is a five reel, 25 payline slot with a minimum bet of $0.25 and a maximum bet of $50.

Not only are the graphics creepy re-imaginings of all the characters, like a brain eating Mad Hatter, a fang sporting Cheshire Cat and a gaunt, dead eyed White Rabbit. The art of this pokie and the overall feel is only enhanced by daunting, tense strings music in the background.

If that isn’t enough to rope you in, Alaxe in Zombieland is also loaded with three different features.

The first is the Tea Party feature which is triggered by any three pocket watch symbols on reels one, two and three. Once this is triggered you will be transported to a screen with 14 tea pots. You choose tea pots to reveal free games and multipliers. Then your free spins begin.

The second feature, the Red Queen’s Adventure, is triggered by any three key symbols on reels two, three and four. Once triggered you are taken to a screen with five tombstones and on each tombstone is five roses and at the top of each one is a cash prize. Starting from the left you can pick three roses from each tombstone. Every rose you choose reveals a cash prize, if after choosing three roses your cash prize total is more than the total at the top of the stone, then you can move on to the next tombstone and repeat the process. If you make it all the way through all five stones, then it can turn into a nice little earner!

The third feature is triggered by any three shrunken head symbols on reels three, four and five. Once triggered you are taken to a screen full of head stones. You can keep clicking on head stones to reveal a cash prize until you click on “collect” which ends the bonus game.

If you are a horror glutton then jump onto your favourite online casino and hunt out these games and give them a spin because you surely won’t be disappointed.

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